Awwww…what a perfectly, yummy centerpiece for a Baby Shower!  Paul Parks, an accomplished cook (his dinners are “to die for”) transformed an ordinary watermelon into this magical looking, scrumptious, Watermelon Baby Carriage!  

This is a fantastic treat for everyone!  It’s “eye candy” but in addition, it’s fabulously healthy!  What a great treat for children, adults, and especially for us who can’t eat gluten!  This is simply a “match made in heaven!”

Okay…so how does one make this gorgeous treat?  (I knew you would ask that!!!) So, just for you . . . I searched far and wide and found this  terrific YouTube Video that shows how to carve a watermelon, step-by-step, into a Watermelon Baby Carriage

What fun!  Let me know how your Watermelon Baby Carriage turns out, okay?  Smiles,  Lynn


Watermelon Baby Carriage carved by Paul Parks
Baby Fondant Cake by Valori Parks
Photos:  Paul Parks ~ California USA

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