Whenever my husband and I go out for appetizers we notice that Warmed Marinated Olives are on many  restaurant menus; and with good reason – they’re delicious!  Lucky for us, olives are gluten free, making them a perfect, decadent appetizer.   

However, sometimes the olives themselves are not enough.  I want something a bit more substantial to go with them.  And since I can’t eat wheat bread, I’ve found that if I add Warmed Marcona Almonds  it is truly a wonderful combination that lifts the spirits and makes a hard day at work feel worthwhile and satisfying.  Life is beautiful. 

However, an excursion to our favorite upscale restaurant or local wine bar on a regular basis can get quite spendy.  So, to save the budget, we splurge at home and make our own warmed, marinated olives and  almonds.  

The Olive Hunt:  Olive Hunts are so much fun!  My Gorgeous Man and I like to go to places where we can sample the olives before buying them.  (This is the best way to get great tasting olives).   Check out the olive section in a large deli, Farmer’s Market and even your favorite grocery store.

Purchase at least three different kinds of olives so you will have a variety of colors, sizes and flavors.  (This is what the expensive restaurants do.  It looks and tastes delicious, trendy, upscale and “foofy”)

Foofy (adjective)  
1. Fancy 2. Upper class

Warmed Marinated Olives are terrific  for company! Even if you have “nothing” in the house, if you have put aside several jars of olives, then you can literally throw together an impressive appetizer in minutes.  Don’t you just love food that looks and tastes impressive but takes minimal effort?  It feels like cheating; but cheating in the best sort of way!   

When you see how EASY this is to make, you’ll serve this a zillion times to company and yourself.  Have fun!

Marinated Warmed Olives

1 jar Garlic and Herb Marinated Olives
1 jar green olives – such as pimento stuffed Spanish Olives
1 jar black olives – such as Kalamata Olives
1 jar small black or green Olives (Optional)
  1. Preheat oven to low heat, 300 degrees. In a small oven-proof crock put in some of each type of olive, drained.  (Kalamata Olives are often in a cloudy brine, and you don’t want that; so be sure the olives are well drained)     
  2. Pour some of the delicious, clear juice from the marinated olives over everything.  You don’t need to cover the olives, stir. 
Put crock on a baking pan and heat for approximately 10-15 minutes; just until warm.  That’s it.  One small crock serves two people; happily.  Bon Appétit! 
  • For variety: Before baking, sprinkle with a pinch of red pepper flakes or dried oregano; stir.
  • You can put as many olives in a crock as you desire.  
  • Make multiple crocks if you are experiencing an “Olive Deficiency”or you have company over.  

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