I simply adore Vanilla Chia Pudding; but you might be wondering, “What is chia pudding like?”  So thoughtful of you to ask… 

Vanilla Chia Pudding has yummy little gelatinous bubbles in it that are very similar in texture and flavor to a creamy Tapioca Pudding.  Ohhhh, so good.  If you are a Tapioca Pudding devotee; then you have approximately a 99.7% chance that you will LOVE this no-cook, dairy and gluten free Vanilla Chia Pudding recipe.  

Now, before I give you the super-easy (dairy and gluten-free) recipe for Vanilla Chia Pudding you might enjoy knowing that chia seed is said to contain:

  • Five times the calcium of milk
  • Chia Seed also contains boron (a trace mineral that helps get the calcium in your bones)
  • Chia Seed has double the protein of any other seed or grain

And Chia Seed is extremely high in fiber, provides energy, helps induce weight loss, helps to lower cholesterol,  helps provide intestinal regularity, is easy to digest…blah, blah, blah.  Okay,  okay, so it’s healthy and good for us… just give me a spoon already! 

Vanilla Chia Pudding
Dairy and gluten-free, creamy rich Vanilla Chia Pudding tastes quite decadent.  This naturally sweetened pudding is great for a healthy quick breakfast or as an after-school snack.  Of course it’s also perfect for a simple home-style dessert.  Top with fresh berries for even more health benefits and flavor!

1 can coconut milk – 13.66 FL. OZ. (403 ml)
1 can warm water (use the empty coconut can to measure)
1/2 cup chia seeds
3-4 tablespoons honey (or maple syrup to taste)
1 – 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract (to taste)
Dash of sea salt (about 1/16th of a teaspoon) 

1.  Whisk together the coconut milk and water until smooth.  Whisk in the remaining ingredients for about a minute or two.  Let set for five minutes and whisk again for another minute.  
2.  Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight.  The chia seeds need about eight hours to absorb the liquid.  In the morning whisk again, then enjoy your pudding!

  • I find that Vanilla Chia Pudding gets a little bit thicker every day.  I like it best on the third day – it’s super thick and creamy!  You can use other milks instead of coconut milk, however, your pudding will not be as rich, luscious and creamy in texture. 
  • Chia pudding is fabulous when topped with fresh berries!  Oh and I love it with toasted pecans… 
  • You can find chia seed at most health food stores or at natural grocery stores.  You can also find chia online.  Check around for the best price, but watch the shipping fees! 
  • You can use either white or black Chia Seeds.  Sometimes Chia Seed is called “Salba” – don’t freak out – that’s just a fancy word for Chia Seed. 


Happy Vanilla Chia Pudding Day!

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