I recently got a note from Vanessa Swanson (a brilliant “Gimme Gluten Free” reader.)   She did something that only the brave and fearless will attempt to do:  Change a recipe!  I know, I know!  Unthinkable, right?  

Here’s what Vanessa wrote:

Hi Lynn, I love your website and get rave reviews on the things I have tried.  I wanted to share with you that I made your Happy Pumpkin Muffins that were great, but I wanted to make another batch but I ran out of pumpkin — so I used the same bowl that had a touch of pumpkin left but I used mashed up ripe bananas.  I used really ripe bananas and filled the pumpkin can with the banana so it was the same volume.
  • Lynn’s Note:  Vanessa is absolutely correct in using really ripe bananas!  A really ripe banana (the skin will be quite brown) is perfect for baking. If you use firm yellow and green tipped bananas (like in the picture above) your muffins will have no flavor!  To see what a fully ripe banana looks like, check out the picture in my Nutty Banana Nut Muffin Recipe.
I used choc. chips and vanilla with cinnamon but no cloves or ginger. They were great!  I kept the rest of the recipe the same even the vinegar.  
The only change I would make would be not to use quite so many choc chips.  I think it was 3/4 of a bag and the kids loved it but I think it’d be just as good with 1/2 a bag — don’t tell them I said so.

It has been GREAT to find recipes that are Gluten Free that my family doesn’t even know 🙂  We are going to make your choc chip cookies tomorrow.  

Blessings,  Vanessa Swanson

Wow, Vanessa’s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins sound delicious! And what a great idea to change the pumpkin for bananas.  Way to go Vanessa ~ YOU ROCK! 

To make Vanessa’s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (which are gluten, dairy free and vegan) simply make the changes she recommended above to my: Happy Pumpkin Muffin Recipe. 

And here’s another banana muffin recipe for you to try if you’re in a “Banana Mood” ~  Nutty Banana Nut Muffins.  Nutty Banana Nut Muffins are gluten free, dairy free, grain free and sugar free!

 Bake a batch of Banana Muffins today!

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