I have been seeing life through fuzzy eyes and knew something in my life needed to change.  I wondered what would happen if I gave up coffee. I read somewhere that drinking coffee was harmful to the body and mind; and that article really bothered me.  What if that was true?  What if my one cup of coffee in the morning was totally harming my life!  If I gave up coffee, would my life be better?  

I decided to see if my life was better without my usual morning brew. I quit drinking coffee!  I did!  And it’s only been three weeks, four days, fifteen hours, three minutes and seventeen seconds since my last cup… but then who’s counting?  Not me.  Quitting was easyIn fact, coffee is not even on my mind anymore… (yeah sure)

Now, I know you are thinking, “Ah ha!  That’s why Lynn hasn’t been posting recipes… she‘s been brain-dead from a lack of caffeine!” 

However the REAL REASON for the lack of recipes lately, is a bit more exciting than simply forfeiting cups of java...  

EYES.  It’s my eyes.  Pain.  Blurriness.  Changing vision every hour or so. 

I had surgery on my eyes awhile back, and sadly the physician ended up losing his medical license because he blinded so many of his patientsOther physicians told me I would never heal (never) from all the cuts the surgeon did to me.  Several doctors recommended that I get a seeingeye dog for the blind.  But most recently to compound my “eye story” the corneal specialists and ophthalmologists say I have glaucoma, cataracts, etc. 

Whatever.  Phish Posh.  I‘m telling you ~ going to the eye doctor can be a real downer sometimes…

Now just to let you know:  I DO SEE I just see differently than most people.  In fact, ophthalmologists often say to me, “We know you see… we just don’t know HOW you do it.”  I just tell them.  “It’s a God-thing!”  Obviously it is a God-thing.  Sheesh!  According to many doctors, I should have been completely blind years ago… but I’m NOT.

Well,  anyway.  Back to the COFFEE.  I decided to give it up since it might help my eyes feel less dry and caffeine is supposedly not good for folks with glaucoma.  So there you have it!  

But…. don’t worry!  Soon I’m sure my eyes will be more comfortable and less fuzzy.  I’m praying about it; and may I invite you to pray for me, too?  I would really like that!  YOU ROCK!!!

Right now, I have about ten pairs of glasses with all different strengths to help me see.  So soon you won’t be having to ask me, “Lynn, where are my recipes?  Where’s my recipe for gluten-free cornbread?  And gluten-free pizza dough? And…”

Precious friends, you are always on my heart!  I love you, care about you and soon there will be an abundance of great recipes again.  HUGS!

Have a super day!  Lynn

“So do not fear, 
for I am with you; 
Do not be dismayed, 
for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you 
and help you; 
I will uphold you 
with My righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 NIV 


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