Raw Chocolate.  As soon as I saw the sign in the little shop, I grabbed my Gorgeous Man’s arm.  “Look!  Chocolate.  Raw Chocolate!  We have to get some!”  And without looking at oncoming traffic, my legs subconsciously propelled me forward.  Luckily, my ever-watchful husband saved me from being flattened by a car.  But the lure of chocolate is strong, we proceeded into the shop.  

As soon as we got inside the shop, I looked at all the beautiful raw chocolates, laid out enticingly inside the glass covered counter.  On the wall was a sign that read:  “All our chocolates are made with whole, raw, organic ingredients and are gluten, wheat and dairy free with no processed sugar or additives.”  

Oh my!  Was I in chocolate heaven?    Now, I have never had raw chocolate in my life, but somehow I knew it was my destiny to try it.  And I swear, I could hear those little chocolates speaking to me.  They said, “Take me.”  So of course, I said to guy at the counter,  “I’ll take one of everything.”  Hey, SOMEBODY has to eat them, it might as well be me! 

Well, after the raw chocolates were neatly nestled inside the box, I asked the guy behind the counter, to tell me about these little treats.  

Now, don’t freak out!

He pointed to a luscious looking chocolate, “This one has dried mushroom powder in it.  I love that one.”  Oh my gosh!  Did he just say, “Mushroom powder?”  I must be getting deaf. 

“And this one,” he pointed to another chocolate, “has maca in it; a very powerful antioxidant.”   Maca?  What’s maca?  What’s that doing in chocolate??

“Oh and this one is so good.  It is loaded with blue-green algae, so beneficial for good health”  Hmmm…. that one DID have a green-ish hue…

I glanced at my chocolate-loving husband to see how he was taking this and  couldn’t help laughing out loud.  He looked just a wee-bit appalled.  However, he is a good sport and willing to try most any food.  

So how did we like the raw chocolates?  I actually loved them.  LOVED THEM.  I did.  The raw chocolates satisfied my chocolate craving, made me feel energized, yet peaceful after eating just two chocolates.  However, my Gorgeous Man found out that he is more traditional when it comes to chocolate.  He insisted that we stop and pick up a Dark Chocolate Lindt Bar (with a touch of Sea Salt) to restore himself to a natural cooked chocolate state… whatever!

If you would like to try the raw, gluten and dairy free chocolates from Café Bliss and other treats, such as a Cacao Jedi Smoothie (cacao, banana, hemp hearts, maca, almond milk), or a Longevity Latte (made with Matcha, ginseng, reishi, ginkgo, hemp hearts, honey, nut cream) when you are in the Victoria BC area, here’s the address:

Café Bliss is located at 556 Pandora Ave. Victoria B.C.   


What is Maca? 
Maca Root has a reputation for giving a big boost of energy,  relief from stress and some say that it increases their libido substantially.  Maca contains calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and seven essential amino acids.  The ancient Peruvians used Maca as an energy booster, an aphrodisiac and fertility aid.  Ohhh, so that’s why I loved those chocolates so much… 

What is Blue-Green Algae?
Blue-Green Algae is a simple aquatic plant that grows naturally in salt and fresh water places. Some people use Blue-Green Algae to help with weight loss and ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder).  Blue-Green Algae supporters report that it boosts immunity, improves the memory and detoxifies the body.  Spirulina, the most commonly known Blue-Green Algae is rich in protein and contains carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. 
Fascinating stuff.  Hmm… Eating chocolates with Blue-Green Algae just may be the answer to my side-tracked nature and… what were we just talking about??

Eat Chocolate and Live ~ Adventurously!


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