Quick and Easy Mexican Coleslaw is delicious, healthy, fresh, and completely guilt-free!  Plus, this salad recipe is Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Nut-free, high in fiber and vegan!  (Obviously, this crisp and crunchy salad is perfection in a bowl!)  But, best of all, it only takes minutes to mix up, since we start out with a bag of shredded green cabbage, instead of chopping up a head of green cabbage by hand.  Of course, if you desire to chop, chop, chop – feel free to do that!

View or Print ListHow did this recipe come to be?  Well, it began when I didn’t bring my reading glasses to the grocery store.  I thought the label on a package of pork shoulder said, “5 pounds.” However, it actually said: FIFTEEN pounds.  Oh my.  (It did seem rather heavy for five pounds, but in my usual state of being oblivious to things that are obvious to other people, I didn’t think anything about it and just heaved the massive package in the grocery cart.)  When my Gorgeous Man smoked the gigantic pork shoulder (which actually turned out to be TWO pork shoulders mashed together into one package, we had MOUNTAINS of leftover smoked pork!

What’s a woman to do with pounds and pounds of lovely, smoked pork?  Make a fabulous Mexican feast, that’s what!  (The perfect solution)  The next day, to go with Smoked Pork Tacos, I decided to make a Mexican Coleslaw.  I searched and found a bag of shredded green cabbage in the fridge, then added a few other ingredients: Diced sweet onion, sliced jalapeños and cilantro.  Next, I whisked together a light dressing of freshly squeezed lime juice, olive oil, a dash of organic cane sugar (for just a hint of sweetness) and a toss of sea salt.  Mixed everything together, and… Total success.  The salad was YUM!  Delicious.  Light. Healthy… PERFECT.  Everyone loved it.  Since then, I have made it several times and here I am craving it again.Love Mexican Coleslaw


By the way, Quick and Easy Mexican Coleslaw pairs wonderfully with any grilled meat or fish.  And if you are not a fan of cilantro, you can substitute fresh basil.  Oh my!  Basil is totally delicious in this salad. However, you might want to change the name to Fresh Basil Coleslaw.  Enjoy!

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