I finally figured out the “secret” for how to make a Perfect Baked Ham every time.  This Easter our Baked Ham was irresistible… deliciously roasted on the outside and moist on the inside – yum!

Now I have to tell you that over the years, I have tried many different variations on baking a ham.  There are a ton of different methods to bake a ham; and I feel like I’ve tried most of them…

I’ve made baked ham that was good but a little dry.  With another recipe the ham was nice and hot on the outside but cold in the middle!  I sadly recall another recipe where the ham turned out tough and leathery with a so-called “goof proof” method.  Aaaurgh!  Who knew baking a simple ham could be so confusing… 

  • Some recipes called for the ham to be baked at 250 degrees, 275, 300, 325, 350 or 375 degrees and I’ve even seen recipes calling for 500 degrees!  
  • Then there are variations in timing.  Recipes call for the ham to be baked anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours.  Oh, I almost forgot, I have a recipe for baking the ham overnight, too!  
  • And what about this… should the ham be covered or uncovered?
  • Glazed or unglazed?  


It’s time to STOP the ham-insanity!
Here is my  
recipe for  

Perfect (Naked) Baked Ham 

But first things first…  
I was shocked when I found that the wonderful-looking,
   expensive, nitrate-free ham I had picked out for our Easter Dinner
had been injected with a wheat/water solution!  

Needless to say, I did not purchase that ham!  
So for your health’s sake; read all ham labels and 
be sure that your ham is gluten free!

How to Make a Perfect Baked Ham

This must be the easiest recipe in the world for baking a ham; no cooking skills needed!  Fabulous…  simple… Perfect Baked Ham!   

1 (9- pound) store bought, fully cooked, bone-in ham or spiral sliced ham

  • (You DID read the ingredient list, right? Your ham should be gluten-free with no added wheat in it!)

1 cup water 

1.  Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.  Place ham in a roasting pan and pour one cup water into the bottom of the pan.  Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake for two hours or until heated through, soft and tender.  (Don’t over-bake!  Remember ~ this type of ham is already cooked; it just needs to be fully heated for the best flavor and texture.)  Take the foil off of the ham; let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing. 



Are you kidding me?   
THAT simple, little recipe is THE recipe for Perfect Baked Ham??
  Why… that ham is NAKED! 
Yep.  You’re right.  It is naked.
Perfect (Naked) Baked Ham
  tastes terrific; plus “Ham in the Buff” is excellent to serve to your most discriminating company.  
But we’re not done with ham yet… What about a glaze for the ham? 
Here are my latest thoughts on a glaze for  Ham:
Don’t make one.
What?!  No ham glaze?  Isn’t that practically against the law?!  
Actually, I have three reasons for saying, “No” to covering a baked ham with a glaze.  
The first reason is that I want to relax in an overstuffed chair and read a novel instead of slaving away in the kitchen.  Oops I wasn’t supposed to say that, oh well, too late… Okay, this sounds better… 
(1) Some people don’t want the extra sugar that is usually in ham glazes. Others are allergic to something in the glaze, or they are picky eaters and they don’t like cloves or marmalade or bourbon or chipotle or pineapple or whatever you made your glaze out of… So why go through the hassle?  Everyone LOVES naked ham; and no one will even notice or miss the lack of a glaze! 
(2) The second reason I prefer serving an unglazed ham is that I have found that when I have glazed the ham; the glaze flavored the ham so intensely, it overpowered the ham itself!  Plus, if you want to serve a ham gravy to go with your mashed potatoes – a glaze really interferes with the flavor of the gravy.
(3) But the most important reason of all is the third reason:  A glaze gets in the way of making all kinds of leftovers.  What can you make with leftover ham?


  • Navy Bean or Split Pea Soup
  • Ham Sandwiches
  • Fried Ham with eggs, hash browns, pancakes and waffles 
  • Country style green beans with diced ham and onions cooked until tender… This is country cooking at it’s best!
  • Ham Quiche, Ham Omelets, Pasta Salads, Chef Salads…

Now, of course if you have an overwhelming desire to glaze; you should go for it.  However, don’t expect us lovers of “Ham in the Buff” to jump up and down with excitement when you serve Navy Bean Soup with that over-powering essence of Pineapple-Clove-Raisin-Pecan Glaze…  

  • I recommend that if you really want to have a glazed ham ~ serve that wonderful ham glaze in a separate bowlNow everyone is HAPPY!



Spring Ham Dinner Menu


Perfect Spring Dinner Menu


Fresh Berry Spinach Salad 

 Main Dish

Perfect (Naked) Baked Ham 


 Smashed Potatoes

French Baby Peas with Pearl Onions



Coffee & Espresso



We served the Perfect Spring Dinner Menu twice to two different groups of people and celebrated Easter on two different days!  (We love celebrating Easter!)  Both Easter dinners were a fabulous success; everyone loved everything and I got to finish my novel while the ham baked.  Perfect! 

May all your Baked Hams be perfectly naked from now on!   

Much love to you and big hugs,  Lynn

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