This year I made one resolution.  I call it, “The One Resolution that Will Change Your Life” because this year I really wanted my life to be different.  Normally, I make the same old tired resolutions, like:

1. “This year, I am going to be on-time or early for everything!”  Uh… Let’s not talk about that one…

2.  And then there is the classic:   “This year I am going to get organized!  And I really mean it this time!

3.  Oh yeah, and this one:  “I am going to lose 10 pounds! ” I usually proclaim this after eating waaaay too much chocolate

Yikes!  Painful!!  So THIS year, I decided to rebel and not do the “Resolution Thing.”  But I did make ONE New Year’s Resolution.  Only one.  But this one resolution has been life changing!  Seriously LIFE CHANGING!  Plus I am actually DOING IT!  (Who knew success could be so easy?)  Want to know what it is??  You do??  Well… okay, fine.  Since you really, really want to know… here it is:

  • This year my one New Year Resolution is:  MAKE IT BETTER.

“Make it Better?!”  Huh?  That’s… nice.  What does “Make it Better” mean?

Well,  “Make it Better”  looks like this…  Wherever I am, before I leave – I make it BETTER than when I got there.

But sometimes “Making it Better” can get a bit embarrassing.  Like a few days ago when I went to the hospital for a physical therapy appointment (rotator cuff injury).  Before the appointment, I went into the Ladies Restroom, and for some crazy reason, my brain started asking, “How can I make it better?”  Oh for crying out loud, in the hospital restroom???  I sighed. Not here.  Not now!  But my brain had been hardwired into thinking: “How can I make it better?”

I looked around and saw that the sink and counter was a mess.  Some evil person had left wet paper towels everywhere and globs of soap all over the counter.  It looked terrible.  Oh mercy.  But since, I thought I was alone, I began to “Make it Better.”  I tossed the crumpled, wet paper towels in the trash, then grabbed a bunch more clean paper towels and starting vigorously scrubbing the countertop and cleaning up the soap muck.  Suddenly behind me I heard  a rustle, then a loud, bellowing voice, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!”

Oh man!  I jumped up nearly to the ceiling!  I turned to see a big woman staring at me like I was a crazy person.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she repeated.  I thought she was going to kill me or something.  She looked really mad.  I replied lamely, “Uh… just trying to… make it better.”

She stared at me for a moment, her lips compressed into a thin line.  I froze.  She shook her head, cleared her throat, then said in a softer voice,  “I was about to give up on people.  I thought I was the only person on earth that cleaned up after people who leave a mess.”

I was so relieved she wasn’t going to kill me, I burst out laughing.  She continued to stare at me, but a small smile began to flit across her face.  After I washed my hands (thoroughly!) I gave her a big hug.  When I turned to leave, she said, “You made my day.”

Oh my gosh!!  I did it!  I MADE IT BETTER!  Whooo-hoo!  (Who knew cleaning a public restroom could be so much fun?)  Hmmm… that experience, does make me wonder what the world would look like if we all chose to “Make it Better.”  Fascinating thought…

Precious friend, I love you, am grateful for you, and want you to have the best year (and best life) ever!!!  Let’s rock 2016!  “MAKE IT BETTER!”

BIG HUGS, Ruby Lynn

PS  You can “Make it Better” by sharing a Gluten-Free muffin with someone! Bake some muffins now!

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