I was asked to bring dessert for a party, but let me tell you, it was a tough crowd! I overheard a few people say, “I don’t eat dessert…ever.” Now, whenever I hear that word, “ever” I secretly watch to see if they DO eat dessert. (I can’t help myself)  But this party was different…

When it was time for dessert, people were completely apathetic.  Some said it was time for them to go. Mercy!  It seemed that everyone was on a special diet, or had someplace they needed to be at or whatever.  I was wondering why the hostess even asked me to bring dessert if no one wanted any!  But then, one woman decided to give my Mini Chocolate Cream Pies a try.  I explained that they were Gluten-Free and were made with 55% Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Organic Tofu.

“Really?  Tofu?  Gluten-Free? Are they any good?”  

I shrugged and smiled,  “Live dangerously!  Try one.  Then you tell me, okay?”  

She tentatively took a bite…then another bite. She smiled a huge smile and took another Mini Chocolate Cream Pie.  After she had one more bite she burst out screaming, “THIS IS SO GOOD!  SO GOOD!”   Suddenly, as if waking up from a trance, people made a rush for dessert and a long line formed.  The desserts began disappearing.  One man returned to the line (he was one of those that had been loudly righteous: “I never eat dessert…ever!” ) HA!  He grabbed SEVEN Mini-Chocolate Cream Pies, “They’re not all for me!” he said.  Yeah sure, we believe you… 

Mini Chocolate Cream Pies are delicious, super easy-to-make and everyone will love YOU for making them.  This Mini Chocolate Cream Pie recipe is Gluten-Free and Egg-Free.  It can also be made Dairy-Free, Nut-Free and Vegan.  View or print the recipe now ~ Enjoy!

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Mini Chocolate Cream Pies


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