I found the secrets for making Healthy Movie Theatre Popcorn, and not a moment too soon!  “Make us popcorn just like the movie theater!” our grandkids say,  “And put extra butter on it!”  “Yeah, LOTS of extra butter!!”

My Gorgeous Man and I always agree to make the popcorn just like the movie theater.  But, we want to make Healthy Movie Theatre Popcorn; so what the little lovelies don’t know is this:  Their “super-buttery” popcorn has no butter on it!  Their popcorn is dairy-free!  And guess what?  They LOVE IT!

After they polish off the first batch of popcorn, they always beg for, “More ‘Movie-Popcorn’ please!”  Even our little two year old grand-daughter demands it.  The second she walks in the door, she greets my Gorgeous Man like this: “Pah-corn Poppa!”  (It makes my Gorgeous Man feel real important.)  Oh, by the way, did you know that my Gorgeous Man has a new, impressive title?  He is known around here as: KING POPCORN MAKER.  But, don’t worry, he is not a selfish man.  My Gorgeous Man is willing to share his title with you, if you desire to become Queen or King Popcorn Maker in your own home.  You simply need this recipe and in minutes you can become royal, too.

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Attention now!  There are a few secrets to making delicious, healthy movie-theatre style popcorn, but once you know them – it is “a piece of cake” to make.  So easy!  Just click on the note that says, “View or Print Recipe.” You need only  three ingredients for this recipe:  Oil, popcorn & salt.  Find out how to make movie theatre popcorn, right now.  Enjoy!



In the popcorn photo above, I used both white popcorn and yellow popcorn. Can you see how the yellow popcorn looks more “buttery”  than the white popcorn? You can use either kind of popcorn – they are both delicious! For more snack recipes visit my Appetizer and Snack Recipes. 

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