What is a Gluten Free Diet?  When I’ve asked people; they have told me being Gluten Free means giving up sugar.  Or no potatoes or rice.  Others think it’s a “New Movie Star Diet.”  Soooo, what is a Gluten Free Diet?

Prepare yourself for the truth…
The Gluten Free Diet does not have anything to do with dieting.
A Gluten Free Diet is not eating anything with: 
Wheat ~ Rye ~ Barley ~ Spelt

I have  lost a few pounds since I became adamant about not cheating…  We were at an Italian restaurant… Calzone… Pasta… I couldn’t resist… just one meal!  Heaven!  Then misery for over a week and half.  Headaches, stomach aches, every joint aching… ugh! No more cheating!

I have made sure to only eat Gluten Free food since that sad experience over two months ago.  Not even a taste of anything I remotely suspect might have gluten in it.  I have been so careful for two solid months.  

Now, as you know, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile; I create Gluten Free recipes almost every day and my Gorgeous Man and I enjoy eating them!  But these are not low-calorie recipes.  No, they are not!  They are wonderfully-delicious Gluten Free recipes such as:  World’s Best Cinnamon Coffee Cake,   Honey Raisin Flaxseed Muffins,   Blissful Blueberry Muffins and Coconut Almond Macaroons, Gimme Power Pancakes and Jammers…

So I was quite shocked to find that I had lost over 5 pounds in the last two months!  How strange!  My Gorgeous Man and I eat a lot of  food every day!   In fact, our friends and neighbors tell us that the way we eat; we should weigh over 350 pounds each.  But we don’t.  Hmmm… That’s weird.  I finally figured out how I lost 5 pounds while eating all this food! 

Here’s my Gluten Free Diet Secret: 

I mostly bake with high-fiber and highly-nutritious flours such as: Almond Flour (high in protein also), Coconut Flour, Teff Flour, Oat Flour, Millet Flour and more…  

These vitamin-packed flours not only make delicious Gluten Free pancakes, breads and baked goods that are packed full of health giving properties; these high-fiber baked good are FILLING.  This means after eating one or two Blissful Blueberry Muffins or a couple Coconut Almond Macaroons for example ~ 
I feel completely satisfied and happy for several hours!  When I get hungry in the afternoon I have a tendency to scarf-down chocolate bars… I know… shockingly terrible behavior!  

So there you have it! In a nutshell ~ my secret to Gluten Free weight loss is: Bake my high-fiber recipes, eat and enjoy!  Don’t you LOVE this secret??  So get baking!  Oh and drink lots of clean, pure water too.

But beware… 


You’re going to become addicted to being Gluten Free!






We need a special treat like Chocolate Chocolate Truffles once in a while!  It makes us feel special and  happy!  So ENJOY! 

Ohhhh… something else to consider: The World’s Best Apple Crisp ~ I love this so much!  This makes a large amount so get some friends together and share the joys of being Gluten Free!  It is so important to make your friends jealous!  (Yes, I think this would be the kind thing to do.)

Or if you’re in a Chocolate Mood; bake up a Scandinavian Chocolate Torte.   Did you know that this recipe makes TWO tortes?  You can eat some and give some to your friends! YES!  This freezes well also (Put the Chocolate Glaze on it after it’s defrosted though).  You can have a Gluten Free Chocolate party in the blink of an eye!  Even if you’re the only one that can attend!  😉

Exactly as it is, Exactly as you are.

You are LOVED!  Enjoy TODAY!

Big hugs to YOU!  Lynn 

PS  My Gorgeous Man and I do eat a TON of salads, veggies and fruit.  We also enjoy organic eggs, poultry, fish and meat in addition to my (yummy) baked goods.  And very soon I’ll be posting new recipes for the most wonderful main dishes.  I can hardly wait for you to try them!  More HUGS to you!

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