A wedding, birthday or baby shower cake lives on in pictures and in  memories.  This can be good or in some cases bad…

True Confessions of a Wedding Cake Baker

The first time I made a tiered wedding cake I had zero experience at baking cakes except for my own family.  I had never made a tiered cake in my life.  But I had taken one “How to Decorate a Cake” class at a local art store.  Well, my life in crime, oops, I mean, my cake decorating life, started when I innocently brought a decorated 9×13 inch (single layer) cake to church one Sunday.  

The cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, made with wheat – this was before I “saw the light” and became a gluten-free baker – I felt so proud of it.  But then things got interesting when a woman asked me, after she ate a slice of the cake, if I made wedding cakes! 

Now I don’t know what made me say this, but I said, “Yes, I do make wedding cakes; however, I am completely out of business cards at the moment.”  Can you believe that??  

Now it was true that I was “completely out of business cards” since I never HAD any business cards to begin with.  But I thought, “Yeah, I can make a wedding cake; it’s just cake after all.  How hard can it be?”  Oh my.  Disaster was right around the corner.

After church I told my Gorgeous Man, “Honey, it’s an emergency!
I must buy a Wilton Cake Decorating Book!”  He just shook his head in amusement, but he’s used to my book addiction so we made a detour to the book store and I bought my very first cake decorating book.   Holding my new book tightly in my arms, I felt invincible.  

Can you believe after all these years, I still have that Wilton Cake Decorating Book?  It is soooo hard for me to let go of cookbooks!  I must confess; the book is a little dated (okay, a lot) but I still like looking at the pictures of the wedding cakes.  

The next day I ordered business cards.  Oh yeah ~ I was in the wedding cake business!  

On Tuesday, I met with the future bride to discuss the type and flavor of the cake, the frosting and of course the wedding cake design.  She looked through my Wilton Cake Decorating Book (which I had splotched up a bit to show that it had been well used).  She nodded at some of the pics but then said, “No, no.  I have something else in mind.”  She whipped out a piece of paper from her purse.  On it was a hand-drawn design of a cross shaped cake with round tiers on top.  The thing was immense.

Trouble.  Definitely trouble.  But being a complete novice in cake decorating I didn’t have the sense to know that this wedding cake was waaaaay out of my league.  So of course I smiled and said confidently, “No problem.”  

Oh my…  Her wedding cake was going to be HUGE – big enough to  serve over 300 people.  But since I had never made a cake larger than a 9×13 inch oblong single layer, I wasn’t aware of the disaster that lay ahead… especially when we tried to move the cake from our dining room table to the wedding site.  

Oh but I am getting ahead of myself… 
But, do not worry!  If you read these articles, the mistakes that I made 
will NOT happen to you for YOU will be prepared for success 



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