So now… Step by Step ~ How to Make a Tiered Wedding Cake (or Birthday Cake, Wedding Shower Cake or Baby Shower Cake)  
Let the Adventure begin! 

Step #1  How Many People are you Serving?

The first step in baking a gluten-free, tiered cake is to figure out how many people will be at your event.  Below is a chart that will tell you how many servings each cake tier will generally provide.  For a birthday party, wedding shower or baby shower use the first number in serving size.  Note:  My gluten-free, wedding cake sizes are slightly larger than the traditional size because I have found it impossible to get that many slices out of the cake.

For a wedding you can use the second number which will give you more servings per cake.  However, if you are making a great cake, such as my gluten-free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing you may wish to use the party size number of servings. 

2 in. Deep Pan         Servings of Cake (party size – wedding size)

4″ Round Tier              Serves 4-6 people
6″ Round Tier              Serves 8-10 people
7″ Round Tier              Serves 8-10 people
8″ Round Tier              Serves 12-16 people
9″ Round Tier              Serves 16-22 people
10″ Round Tier            Serves 24-32 people
12″ Round Tier            Serves 36-48 people
14″ Round Tier            Serves 45-65 people

6″ Square Tier             Serves 8-10 people
8″ Square Tier             Serves 18-24
10″ Square Tier           Serves 24-36 people
12″ Square Tier           Serves 40-50
14″ Square Tier           Serves 50-70 people

9x13x2″ Rectangle      Serves 32-40 people
11x15x2″ Rectangle    Serves 48-60 people

This cake serving chart is based on a gluten-free American style cake which is  usually a light, fluffy type of cake.  Cutting slim slices of this style of cake can be challenging due to its delicate nature.

On the other hand a moist, heavy cake such as a gluten-free Pound Cake or a rich, gluten-free Fruitcake is very easy to cut, but such a large serving size could be “too much of a good thing.”  If you are making a rich, moist cake that cuts easily into thin slices, you may be able to get double the amount of servings that are listed above.  

Now, I know you are thinking, “Not everyone will want to eat cake.”  However, if you are serving a truly delicious cake like my Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, some people will go back for second and third helpings.  

  • For peace of mind at a wedding, you may wish to bake an extra, gluten-free cake to be sure you have enough.  The extra cake can be hidden somewhere and brought out as needed.  
  • Lean on the generous side; there is nothing more  embarrassing than running out of cake before everyone gets to try a piece. But the worst thing about running out of cake is that YOU may not get a piece!


How to Be Sure that your 
Wedding Cake is PERFECT 
  1. Make a “trial” eight-inch cake, frosted and filled exactly the way you plan on serving it at your wedding, two-three months ahead of time. 
  2. Evaluate the cake.  Do you LOVE the flavor and texture of it?  Is it easy to cut and serve?  
  3. Notice what size of a slice of cake feels right to you ~ each slice should be generous yet not overwhelming.  
Now, that’s a smart and simple tip for cake perfection!

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