When a terminally disorganized person finds out that they have to be “Gluten Free” this is a disaster in process.  Trust me, I know what I am talking about!  

I tend to lose track of the time…  a close friend once told me I am the most ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) person she knows.  She may be right.  Well, anyway… it became a MAJOR IRRITATION to find that I could no longer “get away with it” when it was time to make meals because, now… (SCREAM!) 
I was… gluten free!  

What ever happened to simply ordering 
a PIZZA for dinner??!  
Hellooooo, WAKE UP!  My “pizza-ordering days” were OVER!

So now, I HAD to get organized which I have NEVER been able to do for long periods of time.  Urgh.  Grumble…mumble.  

My road to “Organizational Discovery…”


“A household schedule; that’s what I need,” I decided. I could  picture it… up at 4:59 AM, coffee served in china cups at 5:02 AM. Yes, a schedule would make my life – PERFECT.

Of course I have tried to follow a household schedule!  So many times!  But the problem is – these dumb schedules all start with getting up early in the morning!  (So frustrating)  

Now, I DO get up; and I do have coffee (not in a china cup) but; (this is where it starts falling apart)  I get my Bible in my hand, curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and my coffee (it’s freezing in Seattle in the morning, even in the summer…) and the next thing I know… my dog wakes me up a few hours later with his face smashed into mine, loudly snoring.  Oh no!  I did it again!  I’m two hours late in my precious schedule; I could just scream! 

How, how, HOW do organized people do it???

I decided to become a spy and spy on organized people.  All the self-help books say this is the best way to learn – learn from other people that have mastered what you want to learn.  So (don’t tell my neighbors)  I decided to spy on THEM because they are organizational geniuses!  It’s true.  A doctor could do brain surgery in my next door neighbors garage – everything is surgically clean at their house. 

The next morning, I looked over at my neighbors house as I drank my coffee at the “crack of dawn.”  

Oh mercy.  My husband HAD to see this.

“Handsome,” I hissed at my husband as I shook him awake, “They’re up!  There are lights moving in their front yard!  What are they doing?”  With bleary eyes, my husband staggered into our living room where we tried to focus on what was happening in the yard beneath ours.

Our neighbors were completely dressed (in matching, lovely clothes) happily pulling weeds in the morning darkness, using flashlights!  (I’m serious.)

I looked at my husband.  “Is this what it takes to be organized?  This seems painful.”   I could feel a headache coming on, “Do we have any more coffee?”

I decided it was time to “up my game” and get our yard and house immaculate; but decided against  pulling weeds in the dark.  Mercy!  It is hard work to be organized.   Finally the day came when I “cracked” – this schedule/organized thing was killing me!

One morning I looked outside, and there they were again.  I hadn’t even poured one cup of coffee and they were up, dressed, pulling weeds, raking leaves, trimming the bushes, sweeping the driveway and washing their car all at the same time; and I hadn’t even had ONE cup of coffee yet!  I went nuts!  I ran out in my robe, screaming at my organized neighbors, “What are you doing???  How dare you have a beautiful yard and be pulling weeds at the crack of dawn!”

They looked at their nutty neighbor and started howling with laughter.  I did look like a sight.  Hair sticking up all over the place, no makeup and only one slipper on.  And then I was laughing, too.  It felt so good. So light.  And so much FUN!  

Life is GOOD.  And it’s great to celebrate  life – in whatever stage of health or “getting organized” we’re in!


“I am confident of this very thing, 
that He who began a good work in you 

will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:6

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