As I looked at the magazine headlines, “Make Fat Cells Self-Destruct” and “Lose 12 Inches in One Hour” I was inspired.  But this one called me to action: “Tired? Achy? Cranky? Do you want your turkey-neck to disappear?  Transform your life by  JUICING!” 

YES!  That’s IT!  Oh my gosh, it was as if a light bulb went off!  A complete life transformation… plus a good looking neck!  YES!  I decided to start my “life transformation” by JUICING!  

But first, you should know that I have never “juiced” in my life, however, I have read about “those people” that do that sort of thing.  And then our oldest son informed me that he was “drinking shots of wheatgrass” from our local natural foods market.  Oh my.  “Do you like it?” I asked him curiously.  “Yeah, it’s great,” he replied, “You and Dad should try it.”  

Oh dear.  Well, I suppose it was time to come out of the dark ages and try this stuff.   Yes, since this is a new year… it was time to embrace the “juicy life.” 

“Handsome,” I said to my Gorgeous Man, “Do you think we need more parsley in our lives?”
He looked at me strangely.  “Parsley?” 
“Handsome!  You know… PARSLEY!  The green stuff they sell in the produce section at the grocery store!  Don’t you think we should be drinking parsley or kale juice or something?  It’s not like we’re getting any younger!  I have heard that these green juices are practically the fountain of youth!” 
My Gorgeous Man sighed heavily.  “My entire life I have longed to drink parsley juice.”  
I laughed at him, “That’s AMAZING!  Me, too!” 


The “Juicing Noobs” Learn about Juicing
Noob [new-b]
Slang word for a newcomer, inexperienced

Well, since we are “Juicing Noobs” the first thing my Gorgeous Man and I had to do was: Buy a juicer.  That was fun because we received “gift cards” for Christmas, so our juicer was almost free.  (Yes!) We chose the Hurom juicer. It was love at first sight.  Besides being smaller and cuter than many other juicers; we loved the Hurom Juicer because it uses only 150 watts of power compared to other juicers that use up to 1200 watts of power.  This was important to us because we live in an older home and tend to blow fuses out if we overload the circuits.   We also discovered that other juicers have a tough time juicing parsley and wheatgrass since they are so light and feathery; but the Hurom is good at doing that.  And finally we found out that the Hurom Juicer produces about 30% more juice than other juicers.  So we felt really good about our decision.  After we got the juicer, we headed straight-away for the grocery store to pick up our organic produce to begin our juicing life.  As I put the fourth bunch of kale in our grocery cart, I became so excited, I began to dance in the aisles and started screaming, “I’M GOING TO GET TRANSFORMED!”  But luckily, my Gorgeous Man grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth and quietly informed me that “dancing in the produce aisle was outlawed last year!”  Gosh!  I am so lucky he knows about these things;  I could have been arrested!As soon as we got home… the moment finally had arrived:  It was time to make GREEN JUICE; but would we even like green juice? 
Gorgeous Green Parsley-Kale Apple Juice
Beautiful, gluten and dairy free Gorgeous Green Parsley-Kale Apple Juice is incredibly healthy and delicious.  After a few sips of this juice, you will feel light, invigorated and ready to tackle any task!  Serves 2.1/2 bunch organic kale
1/2 bunch organic parsley
2 organic gala apples, seeds and stems removed

We followed the directions that came with our juicer.   

Oh my goodness ~ the most beautiful, gorgeous green juice came out!  I decided to put a two inch piece of carrot in to push out all of the greens and apple.  When the carrot pulp came out, this helped us to know that we got all the “green goodies” out of the machine, plus the carrot added extra nutrition.

Time to taste… Delicious!  
So fresh tasting.  It was almost indescribable how wonderful it tasted.  Both of us LOVED the green juice!  And the Gala Apples made the green parsley and kale taste yummy, delicious and sweet.  

Okay fine, so now we are juice addicts.  And of course we look so young we can hardly recognize ourselves, and you should see my neck – it’s a thing of beauty.  Well, I may be exaggerating that part… but in time… who knows what could happen…

 We loved this Parsley-Kale Apple Juice so much we made it again for breakfast the next morning.  
I served it with my gluten and dairy-free Honey Raisin Flaxseed Muffins.  Oh my!  What a delicious and powerful combo!  

This time I changed my muffin recipe slightly and used coconut flour instead of oat flour since I wanted to increase the fiber content.  The muffins were FABULOUS!  Moist, flavorful… YUM! You gotta try these – I think you will love them.  

Oh, and if you don’t like raisins in your Honey Raisin Flaxseed Muffins, just leave the raisins out – make your muffins the way you like them!

2012 is going to be a wonderful new year filled with 
fresh, new gluten-free recipes and adventures.  
Ohhhh, I can hardly wait!  Let’s celebrate life together! 
Big hugs and smiles to YOU!  Lynn

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