The traditional Irish method of making a pot of tea sounds like the hum of 
a soft lullaby and soothes me before I even take that first delicious sip. 


How to Prepare a Pot of Tea the Irish Way 
1.  Put a kettle of fresh water on the stove and bring to a full boil.  While the water is coming to a boil; warm your china or silver teapot and tea-cups by filling them with hot water. 
2. When the water on the stove boils, empty your teapot and add loose Irish Breakfast Tea to the teapot:  1 teaspoonful of tea per person ~ Plus 1 extra teaspoonful “for the pot.”  

3.  Pour the boiling water over the tea, estimating two cups of tea per person, plus one “for the pot.”  Cover the teapot with a clean dish towel or a tea cozy and let the tea steep for 3 minutes.

4.  Empty the hot water from the tea-cups.  If you enjoy milk with your tea, traditionally the milk is added to the cup; then the hot tea is poured over.  Now pour the tea in the warmed tea-cup and stir in sugar or honey to your taste. 

If you would like extra cups of tea:
Add a small amount of boiling water to the pot.  Remember though, brewed tea that is more than 10 -15 minutes old tends to become bitter.


Now, take a deep, relaxing breath; and allow yourself to smile as you hold your cup of hot Irish tea.  Smile a really big smile – it will make you feel wonderful.  Ahhh… sip your tea; it’s good, isn’t it?  Take a moment as you savor your tea and count your blessings.  You are alive… You see beauty… You are loved… People like you… At this moment, you are content… Life is good…   

Life is full of wonderful things, but sometimes we forget to look for them.  It takes more effort to see wonderful things; but it is worth the effort.

I am so blessed to be your friend.  Thank you for being here.

Now… enjoy your cup of Irish tea with a delicious slice of gluten-free Unauthorized Irish Soda Bread still warm from the oven… heavenly!   
Big hugs to you, Lynn

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