Some people find it difficult to cook and bake for people who go on a Vegetarian diet or only eat Paleo foods, but it is a completely different matter when you are cooking and baking for someone with life threatening food allergies.   It is no longer, simply difficult or challenging to cook or bake for them – it is a matter of life or death.

Now, you know that I have been on a Gluten-Free diet for years (because I became very ill from eating anything with gluten) however, my type of food intolerance won’t kill me if I eat it.  I will get uncomfortable, and might be in pain for days or weeks, but it is not the same thing as when a person with a true food-allergy suddenly cannot breathe because of eating or touching a food that they are allergic to. This type of food-allergy is life-threatening.  Well, I never thought that anyone in our family would have a worse allergy than mine; certainly not a life-threatening food allergy, but I was wrong.

Our lovely grandson is allergic to eggs.  In fact, he is deathly allergic to eggs.  Before he was diagnosed, he was rushed to the emergency room at the hospital many times.  No one knew what was wrong with him, and for awhile, not even the doctors could figure out why he suddenly couldn’t breathe.  It was a dreadful time.  When he was finally diagnosed with an egg-allergy, we were relieved… and then, terrified.  What could he eat?  Suddenly it seemed that everything in the world contained eggs.  All baked goods could possibly contain eggs. Anything fried was suspect.  All sauces, salad dressings, pastas and ice creams were possible “death bombs.”  Oh my.  Would we ever be able to take him to a restaurant?  What about school parties?  What about church?  What if someone touched him and they just ate a cookie that contained eggs???  Oh dear!  Oh dear… For awhile, we were paralyzed with fear.

But now we are starting to figure things out.  When he goes to school, his teacher and the school office have an EpiPen® just for him on their shelves.  Wherever we go, he has an EpiPen® in his backpack just in case he touches something made with eggs or someone who has eaten eggs comes in contact with him.  We have found that we can take him to a restaurant now!  There are a few vegan restaurants that are safe for him to eat at – this is really fun because we know he can relax and simply enjoy himself.

And then, here at “Gramma’s house” (Ruby Lynn’s Kitchen) we are starting to figure it out.  Since my Gorgeous Man and I, can and do eat eggs, before our handsome grandson comes over, we thoroughly bleach and clean everything so our house is “safe!”  We bleach the countertops, and use only freshly bleached towels and washcloths.  I mop the floor just in case a product with egg fell on the floor.  Any pots or pans that could possibly have egg cooked in them are rewashed in the dishwasher if I’m cooking in them.  Yeah, I know, I am turning into a “Clean Machine” which is quite awesome, actually!  I love a clean kitchen!

And then there is the baking and cooking…  At first, it was super-difficult to figure out how to bake and cook without gluten, without dairy milk and without eggs… oh my!  But now, I am getting a handle on it and am excited to tell you that I have created some absolutely delicious recipes that ROCK!  Hooray!!  This is so exciting!  I want to share these recipes with you, just in case you are in the same situation or you know someone that is dealing with food allergies.  In my next post, I want to share my “hot off the press”  Southern-style Honey Cornbread Muffins.  They are absolutely YUMMY!  You won’t believe that they are Gluten-Free, Egg-Free and can be made Dairy-Free, too!

Until then… remember that YOU ARE LOVED!  Have a great day!!  Big hugs, Ruby Lynn

PS  Check out my Egg-Free Recipes… more to come!

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