Christmas Lights Cake will inspire “oohs and ahhs,” especially as you light the candles!  And I’ve noticed that everyone, from old to young, can’t help feeling  happier,  as they watch the candles glow because the candlelight reflects – the JOY of the Season!
Christmas Lights Cake is a perfect Holiday Dessert!  You can make it in advance, and it is super-easy to decorate.  But don’t tell anyone! Shhh!  This will be our little secret! 

Here’s how Christmas Lights Cake came to be:  I had baked and frozen my gluten-free Carrot Cake in the freezer a few days before…but how should I decorate it?  This is always such a dilemma for me!  I like to keep things SIMPLE.  Of course I wanted the cake to look special; very Christmas-y, but it must be incredibly EASY TO DO.  So, hmmm….

Oh my gosh!  I just remembered!  I had bought some adorable Christmas Angel Ornaments a few days before at the local drug store!  (Who would think they would have such cute things there?) And then I remembered that I had a TON of Christmas Ribbon that I had gotten from Costco. YEAH!  Now we’re talking!  So here’s what I did:

1.  First, bake the cake.  

I baked mine in different sized pans (1 – 8 inch, 1 – 6 inch and 1 – 4 inch) since I wanted to make tiers; but you can decorate a couple of single layers, that would be great also!  Hey, it’s YOUR cake – make it the way you want!  I used my super-yummy Gluten-Free Carrot Cake recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Everyone always has “seconds” of this and the cake freezes really well so it can be made ahead of time.  This is a sanity saver!  I make the frosting fresh – so good… 

2.  Frost the cake.  

I frost the cake while it is still frozen since I don’t like messing with crumbs and it is much easier to work with a frozen cake – nice and solid!  The tiered cake is NOT centered.  I placed each layer a little toward toward the back; isn’t that a fun look?

3.  Decorate the cake.

Put the ribbon around each frosted layer; cut the ribbon to the length you want.  You can secure it with a toothpick if you need, but I just pressed it in the frosting.  Hide the seam in the back of the cake.

Pipe some frosting for decoration; pop your angel ornament on and add candles.  Don’t even think about trying to make it look “perfect” – just make it HAPPY and JOYOUS! 

Ta-da!  There you have it, your very own:
Christmas Lights Cake

Here’s how I like to freeze the cake layers:
Wrap each layer of cake individually in plastic wrap.  Freeze the cake layers until they are solid.  Take each frozen cake layer and wrap it again in  foil or use the freezer bags –  be sure to squeeze out the air.  

It is such a wonderful thing to have a few frozen cakes on hand.  If you have these; you can “instantly” have a party!  (I don’t have any on hand right now and I sure wish I did…I better get baking!)

Here’s the link again for the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

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