“I am absolutely CURSED when it comes to cakes, for whatever reason.  I’m a pretty decent cook and a good baker but cakes HATE ME.” Erin

Erin contacted me after seeing an article about my gluten free website in our local newspaper.  She wanted to pay me to make a gluten free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting for her mother’s birthday.  But, instead of baking the cake for her; I offered to be with her as she made her own cake from scratch for her mom.  

I didn’t know if she would go for my offer; but Erin wrote back,  “I am definitely looking forward to some help.”

When I drove up to her beautiful home, there was a large deer munching away on her plants, patiently waiting for the cake making adventure.  Erin chased away the party animal and we introduced ourselves.  As we went up the stairs to her kitchen, Erin remarked, “I’ve never made a successful cake; even cake mixes don’t turn out for me!”  

“Really?  You’ve failed to bake a cake using cake mixes?”  Even though I sounded surprised, actually, I wasn’t.  I’ve seen proficient chefs be completely baffled when it comes to baking cakes.

“My cakes fall and I don’t know why.” Erin said dispiritedly.

I couldn’t help laughing, “Hey, it’s time to break the “Evil Cake Curse!” 

But would the “Evil Cake Curse” cause this to be…  
  • Challenge #1:  After numerous attempts over the years and even by using store-bought cake mixes, Erin had not been been able to bake a great cake.  But this time, compounding the difficulty level,  Erin was going to make her cake completely from scratch! 
  • Challenge #2:  She was not only making a cake from scratch – she was going to make a gluten free cake.  Even professional bakers confess they are terrified at the mere thought of baking a gluten free cake. 
  • Challenge #3:  Erin was DONE with failure!  This cake simply had to be delicious, moist, luscious and rock the socks off her family when they celebrated her mother’s birthday
So…  did Erin have baking success or was this ~ another cake disappointment?   

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