Why would anyone buy organic, unless they just like to throw away money?  Does it really matter if our food is sprayed with pesticides?  And why are pesticides so bad?  What do pesticides do anyway?  And if pesticides are so bad, which fruits and vegetables should be organic?

Whew!  It can get confusing and expensive trying to figure out which fruit and veggies need to be organic. What I need is a FREE PRINTABLE LIST to look at on my cell phone, that tells me which fruits and vegetables should be organic whenever I go grocery shopping. Oh hey! Here it is!  Here is a free printable list of the fruits and vegetables that should be organic and which ones are okay to buy without having to be organic.  (Wow, with this list I could even save some money when I go shopping…)

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But, because curious minds want to know… Let’s talk about organic vs. non-organic fruits and veggies.  Let’s start talking about pesticides:

In a nutshell, pesticides kill things.  That’s what pesticides are designed to do: Kill things. (Now before we get all crazy and start organizing a protest march at our local grocery store, imagine with me just for a moment…  Imagine a giant spider or snake crawling out of your unsprayed bananas.  Eeek!  So maybe some pesticides could be sorta okay, right??)

But, back to our controversial subject of which fruits and vegetable should be organic:  Since, pesticides kill bugs, rodents, fungus, weeds and more, can you imagine what a continual dose of pesticides could do inside your body, especially if you ingest them over and over again?  (Kind of scary to think about isn’t it?)  

It is important to know which foods contain the highest percentage of pesticides, so we can avoid them, or choose to buy organic.  Here is a free printable list of “Clean” (least pesticides) vs. “Dirty” (heavily sprayed with pesticides).  This list will fill you with power at your grocery store!  Take the power now!  (You can view this list on your cell phone right at the grocery store, or you can print it, if you prefer. Hooray!)

Question:  Why are some fruits and vegetables so heavily sprayed with pesticides while others are not?

Answer:  Many fruits and vegetables are naturally resistant to insects and blight so they don’t need pesticides since they naturally fight off any invaders.  Take the kiwi for example:  That furry brown “skin” that covers the beautiful green fleshy fruit keeps pests away.  And melons have a thick skin so they don’t need much in the way of pesticides.  Sweet Corn has the thick husk and silk threads that protect it.  Pineapples and avocados have a thick, bumpy skin that protect them.  But on the other hand, fruits like peaches, apples and nectarines have a thin skin and everything from bugs to blight just love attacking them, so that’s why they are so heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Be healthy!  YOU ARE LOVED!  Big hugs, Ruby Lynn

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Which Fruits & Vegetables Should Be Organic
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