How to Make Pancake House Pancakes at Home

Every Sunday morning the line of people at our favorite pancake house restaurant, spills into the parking lot.  But no one seems to mind because soon they will be enjoying a stack of light, fluffy pancakes smothered in butter and maple syrup... reading the morning...

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How to Make a Gluten-Free Pie Crust

I love Step-by-Step photos for recipes, don't you?  Here are step-by-step photos and directions on how to make a delicious, buttery-rich, gluten-free pie crust that tastes fabulous and is light, flaky and tender.  Plus it's just plain FUN to make! One of the great...

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Cake Impossible: Why Do My Cakes Fall?

Was this going to be "Birthday Cake Impossible?"  Erin had not baked one cake in her entire life that she was proud of.  No matter which recipe she used; her cakes invariably fell and the texture was ho-hum.  In desperation she turned to using cake mixes (following...

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Cake Impossible? How to Make a Moist Cake from Scratch

"I am absolutely CURSED when it comes to cakes, for whatever reason.  I’m a pretty decent cook and a good baker but cakes HATE ME." Erin Erin contacted me after seeing an article about my gluten free website in our local newspaper.  She wanted to pay me to make a...

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How to Make a Simple Tiered Cake: Part 3

Do you know how to balance a tiered cake?  Oh, don't worry; you don't need to learn how to juggle!  In fact, "Cake Balancing" is easier and just as much fun as flying a kite on a summer day.  However, if you don't know how to "cake balance" your tiered cake can look...

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How to Make a Simple Tiered Cake: Part 2

So now... Step by Step ~ How to Make a Tiered Wedding Cake (or Birthday Cake, Wedding Shower Cake or Baby Shower Cake)   Let the Adventure begin!  Step #1  How Many People are you Serving? The first step in baking a gluten-free, tiered cake is to figure out how many...

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How to Make a Simple Tiered Wedding Cake: Part 1

A wedding, birthday or baby shower cake lives on in pictures and in  memories.  This can be good or in some cases bad... True Confessions of a Wedding Cake Baker The first time I made a tiered wedding cake I had zero experience at baking cakes except for my own...

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Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake

I don't believe in dessert.  In fact, I don't think anyone should ever eat dessert... unless... it's FABULOUS! Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake falls into the fabulous category: Four layers of luscious, flourless, chocolate souffle cake  Smooth chocolate filling and...

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Marshmallow Fondant Baby Shower Cake

Valori Parks made this amazing three tiered Marshmallow Fondant Baby Shower Cake!  Valori took step by step pictures so that we could recreate this adorable masterpiece at home!   Just because we are Gluten Free...that doesn't mean we can't have EXCITING Celebration...

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