Rosemary-Garlic Boneless Roasted Leg of Lamb

Rosemary Garlic Boneless Roasted Leg of Lamb is delicious and impressive.  But best of all, this lovely main dish is easy to prepare.  And you know what that means: This is a perfect, “stress-free main dish” to serve for the Holidays!  However, don’t... read more

Chili Con Carne

“Easy-to-make” Chili Con Carne is deliciously satisfying on a cold winter day.  This gluten-free, budget-friendly Chili Con Carne recipe is made with ground beef (I use pasture raised ground beef), kidney beans, canned tomatoes, chili powder, garlic and... read more

Garlic Chicken with Rosemary

Last night, for the first time in a long time; I had an evening all by myself.  I decided to make my night extra-special by preparing a fabulous meal for one:  Moist, succulent, baked chicken seasoned with rosemary, sea salt and freshly ground pepper, drizzled with a... read more

Caveman Chicken

Caveman Chicken earned its name because it tastes so good that people start eating like they are… CAVEMEN!  It’s true; manners fly out the window with this dish.  Pretty soon the fork and knife goes down and everyone is licking their fingers.  I’ve... read more

Perfect (Naked) Baked Ham

I finally figured out the “secret” for how to make a Perfect Baked Ham every time.  This Easter our Baked Ham was irresistible… deliciously roasted on the outside and moist on the inside – yum! Now I have to tell you that over the years, I have... read more

Mediterranean Chicken with Garlic, Herbs and Tomatoes

My Gorgeous Man had been working 16 hour days, for weeks and was absolutely exhausted!  What my man needed was a vacation in the Mediterranean!   Yes, a Mediterranean Vacation is exactly what would restore him; but there was no way we could fit a trip like that into... read more

Garlic and Herb Roasted Cornish Hens

“Company is coming!”    Three little words that strike terror in the heart ~ and you know why…  Because the question is:  What will we serve for the main dish?  POP  QUIZ      Topic: Main Dish for Company Please circle all that apply The main dish... read more

Lynn’s (easy) Gourmet Buffalo Meatloaf

Meatloaf was my husband’s favorite dish when he was growing up.  He loved meatloaf so much, he even wanted it on his birthday!  Now, my Gorgeous Man has eaten so many meatloaves in his lifetime; I figure he is a Meatloaf Expert.   So when I decided to experiment... read more

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