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Rich and Creamy Dairy-Free Coffee Cream

Dairy-free Cashew Cream Transforms Coffee into a Rich, Creamy Treat Rich and creamy, homemade dairy-free Cashew Cream is perfect for stirring into a full-bodied, robust cup of coffee or espresso.  But why would anyone use cashew cream when they can simply use a real...

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Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie

Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie ~ The perfect way to wake-up! Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie packs a big "GOOD MORNING" punch of flavor and nutrition.  Plus, this yummy smoothie is guaranteed to wake-up the sleepiest of sleepy-heads.    However, I must warn you that...

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First Green Juice Experience

As I looked at the magazine headlines, "Make Fat Cells Self-Destruct" and "Lose 12 Inches in One Hour" I was inspired.  But this one called me to action: "Tired? Achy? Cranky? Do you want your turkey-neck to disappear?  Transform your life by  JUICING!"  YES!  That's...

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Do You Know How to Make Irish Tea?

The traditional Irish method of making a pot of tea sounds like the hum of  a soft lullaby and soothes me before I even take that first delicious sip.    How to Prepare a Pot of Tea the Irish Way  1.  Put a kettle of fresh water on the stove and bring to a full boil. ...

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Wake-up Berry Smoothie

I love this makes me come alive.  It really does.  That's why it's called Wake-up Berry Smoothie!  This morning my Gorgeous Man and I got up waaaaay too early with waaaaay too little sleep.  Why?  Because the smallest member of our family enjoys fresh...

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Fresh Ruby Red Cranberry Sauce

 I make this outrageous Fresh Ruby Red Cranberry Sauce every year to go with our Holiday Dinner.  Every year; because it's tradition.  Well, that's not exactly true . . . there was that one year I decided not to make it; and what a DISASTER that decision was. You...

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