Enjoy Lovely Gluten-Free Appetizers and Snacks

How to Make Healthy Movie Theatre Popcorn

I found the secrets for making Healthy Movie Theatre Popcorn, and not a moment too soon!  “Make us popcorn just like the movie theater!” our grandkids say,  “And put extra butter on it!”  “Yeah, LOTS of extra butter!!” My Gorgeous... read more

Sweet Cinnamon Apple Slices

Everyone loves Sweet Cinnamon Apple Slices because they are absolutely delicious.  Secondly, they are guilt free.  But best of all, they can be made at a moments notice.  Ummm… can you excuse me?   I’ll be back… promise!  I am experiencing a Sweet... read more


  The Queen of Sheba and I share one thing in common.  We both love of nuts.  Pistachio nuts to be precise.  Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the  tales about the Queen’s addiction to these gluten-free, delicious treasures.  But just in case... read more

Easy Homemade Applesauce

Homemade applesauce with a touch of cinnamon… Ohhh, so delicious!  But did you know that homemade applesauce actually has magical qualities? It does!   When applesauce cooks on top of the stove, in just a few minutes (if you watch closely) you will see the... read more

Lemon Parsley Dip (Sauce)

Lemon Parsley Dip makes fresh veggies DANCE the Tango!  This dairy and gluten free dip is fantastic with fresh vegetables and crackers.  When I served this fresh tasting, creamy lemon-herb dip to my family, my Gorgeous Man broke out in song, then began telling me how... read more

Perfect Toasted Pecans (and Walnuts)

Perfect Toasted Pecans are a “must have” because… well, because… they’re perfect!  These pecans are simply toasted in the oven with no added fats, no butter or oil, no added salt, no added spices, no added – nothing.  Just pure... read more

Super-Easy Caramel Corn

Fresh, hot gluten-free Caramel Corn is absolutely irresistible!   When my brothers and I were kids, it seemed that every large Shopping Mall in town had a Caramel Corn store in it.  We loved to go shopping because we always got a big bag or box of that buttery, sweet,... read more

Warmed Marcona Almonds

Warmed Marcona Almonds make me feel warm, sunny and vibrantly happy.  Well, no wonder – this naturally gluten and dairy free treat is full of protein, fiber and tastes fabulous.  Plus, Warmed Marcona Almonds perfect with so many things – fresh fruit, dried... read more

Warmed Marinated Olives

Whenever my husband and I go out for appetizers we notice that Warmed Marinated Olives are on many  restaurant menus; and with good reason – they’re delicious!  Lucky for us, olives are gluten free, making them a perfect, decadent appetizer.    However,... read more

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