Valentine’s Day!  You are Loved!

Mini Chocolate Cream Pies

I was asked to bring dessert for a party, but let me tell you, it was a tough crowd! I overheard a few people say, “I don’t eat dessert…ever.” Now, whenever I hear that word, “ever” I secretly watch to see if they DO eat dessert. (I... read more

Chocolate Sauce that Hardens into a Shell

I need to eat something decadent.  Really, really decadent, but it must be easy to make. Something like, oh, Chocolate Sauce that Hardens into a Shell!  To bring you “up-to-speed“… these past weeks my Gorgeous Man and I have been eating waaaay too... read more

Marsala Zabaglione

My first experience with Marsala Zabaglione left me open–mouthed in awe.  Here’s the story…  My Gorgeous Man and I were in our early twenties when we went to a restaurant that stated in their dress code: “… a destination restaurant where... read more

Honey Chocolate Fudge (Brownie) Cake

Honey Chocolate Fudge (Brownie) Cake is without a doubt, the favorite cake of all teddy bears. Trust me, I know this for a fact! Now as some of you know, our home is full of stuffed teddy bears and most of the time it is a lot of fun living with them.  However, the... read more

Chocolate Mousse – Top-Secret Recipe!

Upon the third spoonful of silky-smooth, intensely rich, decadent Chocolate Mousse (Top-Secret Recipe), people lapse into a blissful state of reverent silence.  But a few moments later, someone always breaks the holy moment with a passionate declaration, “I MUST... read more

Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake

I don’t believe in dessert.  In fact, I don’t think anyone should ever eat dessert… unless… it’s FABULOUS! Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake falls into the fabulous category: Four layers of luscious, flourless, chocolate souffle cake  Smooth... read more

The Ultimate Chocolate Lava Cake

  The Ultimate Chocolate Lava Cake screams out CHOCOLATE!  The intense chocolate flavor of the airy, warm cake and the smooth, hot, creamy molten chocolate center makes the differing textures burst out and kiss you ~ right on the lips!  Oh my goodness… this... read more

Super-Easy Chocolate Chocolate Truffles

I am thoroughly enjoying one rich, decadent, intensely Chocolate Chocolate Truffle   right now, even as we speak.  Oh my, these are  so good with a lovely cup of espresso…   I LOVE THIS DAY! What a great morning experience! Now that’s the way to start a... read more

Heavenly Almond Flour Pancakes

A stack of hot, lighter-than-air pancakes can turn the crankiest, grumpy person into a kind, happy person.  I’ve seen it happen!  It happens to ME every time I enjoy these super-delicious, gluten and dairy-free Heavenly Almond Flour Pancakes!    When these... read more

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Elegant and extravagant.  Especially when purchased at $19 for six berries!  Can you believe that price?!  Eeek! So, what’s a Chocolate Covered Strawberry lover to do?  Make them ourselves, that’s what!  These Gluten Free... read more

Scandinavian Chocolate Torte

A perfect Chocolate Torte should be rich and moist, covered with a smooth Chocolate Ganache and it should scream “CHOCOLATE” at the first bite.   Sigh. Yes, now that would be a perfect Chocolate Cake.  Oh and it should be Gluten Free and taste BETTER than... read more

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