Happy Birthday to YOU!


The World’s Best Cream Cheese Icing

"Mom, this is the best Cream Cheese Frosting in the world!"  That's exactly what my kids say every time I whip up this frosting.   Last week, after a slice of Birthday Cake decorated by our brilliant five year old grandson,  my family was ready to name this...

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Sheila’s Lemon Birthday Cake

Whenever I ask Sheila what kind of cake she would LOVE to have for her Birthday; the answer is always the same. "Make me a Lemon Cake with lots of whipped cream!"   Thank heavens she always says that!  I love that we enjoy this summery-fresh, gluten free Lemon Cake...

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Christmas Lights Cake

Christmas Lights Cake will inspire "oohs and ahhs," especially as you light the candles!  And I've noticed that everyone, from old to young, can't help feeling  happier,  as they watch the candles glow because the candlelight reflects - the JOY of the Season!...

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