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Which Fruits and Vegetables Should Be Organic?

Why would anyone buy organic, unless they just like to throw away money?  Does it really matter if our food is sprayed with pesticides?  And why are pesticides so bad?  What do pesticides do anyway?  And if pesticides are so bad, which fruits and vegetables should be... read more

The One Resolution that Will Change Your Life

This year I made one resolution.  I call it, “The One Resolution that Will Change Your Life” because this year I really wanted my life to be different.  Normally, I make the same old tired resolutions, like: 1. “This year, I am going to be on-time or early... read more

Are You Looking for the Gimme Gluten Free Blog?

Are you looking for the Gimme Gluten Free Blog? Where is GimmeGlutenFree?  If you are looking for Gimme Gluten Free – Don’t worry!  You found it!  It is here at Ruby Lynn’s Kitchen! Why?  I want you to have MORE!  Here’s what I dream will be... read more

Seeing Life Through Fuzzy Eyes

I have been seeing life through fuzzy eyes and knew something in my life needed to change.  I wondered what would happen if I gave up coffee. I read somewhere that drinking coffee was harmful to the body and mind; and that article really bothered me.  What if that was... read more

Marsala Zabaglione

My first experience with Marsala Zabaglione left me open–mouthed in awe.  Here’s the story…  My Gorgeous Man and I were in our early twenties when we went to a restaurant that stated in their dress code: “… a destination restaurant where... read more

Thanksgiving Day – Favorite Pancakes

It was the Best Thanksgiving Day Dinner, ever.  Memorable.  In fact, my husband and I talk about it almost every year.  Now, you know that my Gorgeous Man and I LOVE a great feast.  So of course for our very first Thanksgiving Dinner, we had something quite... read more

Honey Chocolate Fudge (Brownie) Cake

Honey Chocolate Fudge (Brownie) Cake is without a doubt, the favorite cake of all teddy bears. Trust me, I know this for a fact! Now as some of you know, our home is full of stuffed teddy bears and most of the time it is a lot of fun living with them.  However, the... read more


  The Queen of Sheba and I share one thing in common.  We both love of nuts.  Pistachio nuts to be precise.  Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the  tales about the Queen’s addiction to these gluten-free, delicious treasures.  But just in case... read more

“Bad Boy” Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

My super delicious and healthy, “Bad Boy” Peanut Butter Muffins were inspired by memories of, Peanut Butter Cake.  Peanut butter cake.  GIVE ME SOME PEANUT BUTTER CAKE!  I want Peanut Butter Cake badly. However, beginning with the “New Year” I... read more

No Power Party

We got our power back on ~ YES!   Some say that during a snow storm, if you listen carefully, you can hear the trees laughing between themselves when the heavy snow knocks one of them on top of a car or causes one of them to fall on a power line causing our lights to... read more

First Green Juice Experience

As I looked at the magazine headlines, “Make Fat Cells Self-Destruct” and “Lose 12 Inches in One Hour” I was inspired.  But this one called me to action: “Tired? Achy? Cranky? Do you want your turkey-neck to disappear?  Transform your... read more

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