Superb Gluten-Free Cakes & Cupcakes

Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake

I don’t believe in dessert.  In fact, I don’t think anyone should ever eat dessert… unless… it’s FABULOUS! Heavenly Chocolate Cream Cake falls into the fabulous category: Four layers of luscious, flourless, chocolate souffle cake  Smooth... read more

Hazelnut Orange Tea Cakes

Hazelnut Orange Tea Cakes came about completely on accident!  But what a lucky accident – these petite cakes explode with the flavor of fresh oranges, toasted hazelnuts and currants.  And Hazelnut Orange Tea Cakes are perfect to serve for Brunch or a Tea Party... read more

The Ultimate Chocolate Lava Cake

  The Ultimate Chocolate Lava Cake screams out CHOCOLATE!  The intense chocolate flavor of the airy, warm cake and the smooth, hot, creamy molten chocolate center makes the differing textures burst out and kiss you ~ right on the lips!  Oh my goodness… this... read more

Sheila’s Lemon Birthday Cake

Whenever I ask Sheila what kind of cake she would LOVE to have for her Birthday; the answer is always the same. “Make me a Lemon Cake with lots of whipped cream!”   Thank heavens she always says that!  I love that we enjoy this summery-fresh, gluten free... read more

Royal Holiday Fruit Cake

Does anyone actually eat Fruit Cake anymore?  Well, the commoners gave it up long ago, but there are the “royal few” that indulge.  Yes, even I used to HATE all fruit cakes, but then I discovered this special wheat-free Royal Holiday Fruit Cake; and I... read more

Christmas Lights Cake

Christmas Lights Cake will inspire “oohs and ahhs,” especially as you light the candles!  And I’ve noticed that everyone, from old to young, can’t help feeling  happier,  as they watch the candles glow because the candlelight reflects –... read more

World’s Best Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Coffee Cake.  I love a great coffee cake!  So the experimenting began to find the World’s Best Cinnamon Coffee Cake: I decided that a great coffee cake must: Have a great texture It should be irresistible – everyone who tries it should want a... read more

Scandinavian Chocolate Torte

A perfect Chocolate Torte should be rich and moist, covered with a smooth Chocolate Ganache and it should scream “CHOCOLATE” at the first bite.   Sigh. Yes, now that would be a perfect Chocolate Cake.  Oh and it should be Gluten Free and taste BETTER than... read more

Red, White & Blueberry Cake

  My Red, White and Blueberry Cake was DEVOURED when we celebrated our country’s Independence Day with our neighbors! (Next time, I will definitely bring TWO cakes!)     The gluten-free vanilla cake was light and airy; filled with juicy sliced strawberries,... read more

Marshmallow Fondant Baby Shower Cake

Valori Parks made this amazing three tiered Marshmallow Fondant Baby Shower Cake!  Valori took step by step pictures so that we could recreate this adorable masterpiece at home!   Just because we are Gluten Free…that doesn’t mean we can’t have... read more

Fresh Strawberry Banana Cake

Summer is here!  And that means it’s time for luscious, fresh strawberries!  A nearby Farmer’s Market is the place to buy fresh strawberries that have been picked just hours before.   Whenever we buy these fresh, beautiful, organic strawberries  the minute... read more

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